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Every year many people refer to hospitals to receive specialized medical services all over the world, particularly in places far from their homes, making and bringing them distressed and discomfort

Nursing Services Unit

Nursing Services Unit

برنامه های آنکالی پزشکان

برای آگاهی از برنامه های آنکالی پزشکان بیمارستان به این بخش مراجعه نمایید

Clients Guide

Clients Guide

:Patient Admission

A-The international Patients Department, situated in the hospital, provides patients with necessary advice and services

B-Patients may apply in person for admission.

C-The admission will be granted by manager in charge, who escorts the patients to the VIP rooms

D-No prior appointment is required for surgical operations

E-The medical services required for international patients will be provided regardless of the regular formalities

The mission of this health center is to serve the best and highest possible quantitative and qualitative standards for all the visitors


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صبر، بردباری، متانت و تحمل ناملايمات در رسيدگی به نيازيهای مراجعين را توفيق الهی و مسئوليتی خطير و افتخار آفرين مي‌دانيم