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Facility – بیمارستان گلسار رشت

بیمارستان گلسار در حال بارگذاری ......

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Head of Unit: Mr.Homauon Dadras

Area :340 M2

The facilities unit of the Golsar Hospital is located in the north-western side of the hospital. This unit has been involved in impressive activities since the inception of the center and its responsibilities can be detailed based on the organizational chart of the hospital as follows:

Carrying out efforts related to the repairing of buildings and installations, maintaining service installations and maintaining the entire buildings and different installation devices including central heat, air conditioning, high-voltage and low-voltage electricity internal network, telephone, water and wastewater, gas, etc., carrying out necessary services for different hospital units, foreseeing the required instruments and identifying the necessity of purchasing the required items for servicing the engine room and spare pieces for the telephone room and other relevant units. Creating the wiring and cabling networks in case of need is now partly a responsibility of the installations unit of the hospital and partly entrusted to the contractor based on the [relevant] contract.

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Introduction on the facilities unit

The facilities unit of the Golsar Hospital was established in 1996 and is responsible for maintaining and repairing the systems and installation facilities.

The message of the unit

Employing new technologies to improve the quantitative and qualitative level of the work in order to ensure the convenience, health and happiness of the hospital residents

Introducing the sections of facilities unit

The facilities unit is currently made of the following sections:

  • Electricity section
  • Water pipe-work and wastewater section
  • Water and wastewater refinement section
  • Welding and forging section

Electricity section

Low-voltage electricity: among the most important activities in this section are repairing and maintenance of electricity on the spot, repairing and maintenance of pump room, irrigation, the entrance parking area, etc. Moreover, part of the maintenance of the hospital electricity is entrusted to the contractor in the framework of a contract and the hospital supervises its performance through the electricity expert from the facilities office. The high-voltage electricity of the hospital the services, repairing and maintenance of which are taken care of by the facilities unit is fed from an exclusive feeder based at the Rasht city power grid through subscription. Through aerial lines, the headline of high-voltage ground cable will be directed to the interior of the electricity grid. In this complex, there is one electricity grid and the high-voltage ground transformer to the interior of electricity grids is made of high-voltage instruments, circuit breaker and disconnectors in the transformer.

Water pipe-work and wastewater section

With the coordination done at the hospital, this section takes part in repairs, maintenance and possibly renovation activities and is busy working on a round-the-clock basis.

Wastewater network section

This section is in charge of resolving the wastewater blockage inside and outside the buildings and manhole dredging within [different] hospital [areas.]

Welding section

Given the high workload in this section, welding for the construction of doors, windows, fences, tables, etc. will be done upon the demand of different units. The major part of welding at the hospital involves the construction of doors and windows.

The technical operation of the facilities unit of the Golsar Hospital

One of the main determining factors surrounding the convenience, health and happiness of the residents of each building is the procedure of performance of heating, cooling and air conditioning facilities in the building. Additionally, the central heating system through engine room is the best option for supplying the heating energy of big buildings and complexes with administrative, commercial and residential applications due to advantages such as the separation of fuel combustion space from the work and life environment, reduction of perils and pollutions, better control and maintenance and saving energy costs. Since the engine room is considered to be the heart of the building, it’s necessary that the entire design, selection of facilities, installation and configuration, repair and maintenance, service and inspection steps related to it are taken care of by experienced and trained individuals. In addition, organizing such an extensive network of mechanical and electric facilities is not possible without having a “well-planned program.”

In the following table, an analogy is drawn between the correct method and wrong method in spearheading and managing central heating facilities.

The facilities unit of the Golsar Hospital is in charge of organizing the central heating facilities (the hospital’s engine rooms).

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The initiative for the complete organizing of the engine rooms of the hospital includes the following steps:

  • Training: in this step, the personnel can learn practical and useful points about the proper methods of maintaining the engine room facilities and optimizing the consumption of energy within the building
  • Preparing technical identification certificate for the engine room: in this step, the entire essential specifications for the engine room including maps and plans, instructions for servicing the facilities and energy label will be supplied altogether and are possessed by the facilities manager
  • Servicing and modifying the circulating water circuit: in this step, in addition to essential services on the hot water pot, actions such as deposition, servicing the pumps, insulation, investigating the pressure drop, modifying the pipeline system, servicing the expansion source, etc. will be taken
  • Servicing and modifying the fuel and combustion system: in this step, first each and every component of the fueling line will be subject to revision and modification in terms of safety issues and standard. Afterwards, the torch will be fully serviced and in the last step, the combustion gases will be precisely adjusted with the help of the analysis device. The remarkable importance of this step lies in the removal of the pollutions (especially carbon monoxide) and the reduction of fuel consumption up to 20 percent.
  • Servicing and modifying the exiting path of the products of combustion: at the same time as taking charge of pushing out the fuel gases from the building environment, the chimney is the most important source of energy waste (due to the exhaustion of hot gases). For this reason, the accurate design and controlling of the chimney status is highly important. In this step, after revising and modifying the chimney path, its suction power will be measured by the device and in case of need, actions will be taken to balance the chimney suction and getting it to the standard level.
  • Servicing and modifying the circulating wastewater circuit: in this step, in addition to essential services on the wastewater refinery, actions such as aeration, servicing the pumps, disinfection, investigating the pressure drop, modifying the pipeline system, servicing the aeration lagoon, sludge condensation, etc., will be taken.

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Comparision between two method of managment of facilities:

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“در هر شرایطی سه اصل خوش‌رویی، خوش‌گویی و خوش‌خویی را به عنوان زیباترین روش تكریم ارباب رجوع مي دانیم”

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